Haryana TET Solved paper of PGT Computer Science Group held on 14 November 2015

Haryana Teachers Eligibility Test 2015
(Teachers for classes 9th to 12th)
Solved paper of PGT Computer Science Group held on 14 November 2015
Note : This exam has been cancelled now, due to paper leak on exam day.
1.  You can use the following C++ function to assign a value to a string variable
     a) Assign
     b) Strcpy
     c) Copy
     d) Strcopy
2.  Convert to Decimal (1011110)16
     a) 65
     b) 5E
     c) ED
     d) 56
3.  The interval from the time of submission of a process to the time ‘of completion is termed as
     a) Waiting time
     b) Turnaround time
     c) Response time
     d) Throughput
4.  Which memory stores the values of variables?     a) SAM
     b) ROM
     c) RAM
     d) PROM
5.  The function abort( ) is declared in the header file
     a) <math.h>
     b) <stdlib.h>
     c) <iostream.h>
     d) <stdio.h>
6.  In C++, a function contained within a class is called
     a) a member function
     b) an operator
     c) a class function
     d) a friend function      
7.  PUSH & POP are operation of
     a) QUEUE
     b) ARRAY
     d) STACK
8.  Which one of the following is a valid identifier (in C)?
     a) data1
     b) 1data
     c) exit
     d) string
9.  Structured program do not include
     a) Loops
     b) GOTO statements
     c) DO-WHILE statements
     d) All ofthe above
10. Binary addition of 1010 and 1011 is equal to
      a) 10101011
      b) 10111010
      c) 00010101
      d) 10101000
11. Which file is a sequence of bytes organized into blocks understandable by the system’s linker?
      a) Object file
      b) Source file
      c) Executable file
      d) Text file   
12. The operation which allows the combining of two relations by merging pairs of tuples,
      one from each relation, into a single tuple
      a) Select
      b) Join
      c) Union
      d) Intersection
13.  Element array [9] is which element of the array?
      a) 7th
      b) 9th
      c) 10th
      d) 8th
14. TCP is used in
      a) Transport layer
      b) Internet layer
      c) Network layer
      d) Application layer
15. A digital signature is
      a) A scanned signature
      b) Signature in binary form
      c) Encrypting information
      d) Handwritten signature
16. One nibble consists
      a) 1 byte
      b) 4 bit
      c) 2 bit
      d) 6 bit
17. An important aspect of coding is
      a) Readability
      b) Productivity
      c) To use as small memory as possible
      d) Brevity
18. The rules to any programming language are its
      a) Syntax
      b) Interpretation
      c) Logic
      d) Customs
19. To access the services of as, the interface is provided by the
      a) System cells
      b) API
      c) Library
      d) Assembly instruction
20. CPU fetches the instruction from memory according to the value of
      a) Program Counter
      b) Status Register
      c) Instruction Register
      d) Program Status Word      
21. The right shift operator is represented by
      a) >
      b) >>(Answer)
      c) ->
      d) <
22. Constructor is used during
      a) Creation of Class
      b) Creation of Object
      c) Destroying Class
      d) Destroying an Object
23. A derived class may also be called a
      a) Subclass
      b) Super Class
      c) Parent Class
      d) Derived Class
24. The method of access which uses key transformations is known as
      a) Direct
      b) Hash
      c) Random
      d) Sequentia
25. The logical data structure with a one-to-many relationship is a
      a) Network
      b) Tree
      c) Chain
      d) Relational
26. Key to represent relationship between tables is called
      a) Primary
      b) Secondary
      c) Foreign
      d) Compound
27. C preprocessor can have compiler specific features
      a) True
      b) False
      c) Depends on the standard
      d) Depends on the platform
28.  _______operator is used for appending two strings.
      a) &
      b) %
      c) | |
      d) _
29. The best form of coupling is
      a) Complete
      a) Tight
      c) Loose
      d) Free
30. Full form of GSM is
      a) Global Scientific Model
      b) Global System for Mobile Communication
      c) Globally Systematic Mobile Communication
      d) None of the above
31. The operator which takes the results of two queries and return only rows that appear
      in both result sets is
     a) Union
     b) Intersect
     c) Difference
     d) Projection
32. Write a declaration for a pointer to a function that returns a float
     a) float f( );
     b) float * f( );
     c) float (*f) ( );
     d) float * (*f) ( );
33. For accessing a structure element using a pointer, you must use which operator?
     a) ‘.’
     b) ‘&’
     c) ‘*’
     d) ‘->’
34. All keywords in C are in    
a) Lowercase Letters
     b) Uppercase Letters
     c) Centralcase Letters
     d) None
35.  As compared to the secondary memory, the primary memory of a computer is
     a) Large
     b) Fast
     c) Cheap
     d) Slow
36. When a language has the capability to produce new data type, it is said to be
    a) Reprehensible
    b) Encapsulated
    c) Overloaded
    d) Extensible     
37. Which of the following device is used to connect two systems, especially if the systems
     use different protocol?
     a) Hub
     b) Bridge
     c) Gateway
     d) Repeater
38. The set of permitted values for each attribute is called its
     a) Attribute set
     b) Attribute range
     c) Domain
     d) Group
39. Repeater operates in which layer of the OSI model?
     a) Physical layer
     b) Data link layer
     c) Network layer
     d) Transport layer
40. The preprocessor directives always starts with the symbol
      a) %
      b) &
      c) #
      d) ” “
41. How many pairs of stations can simultaneously communicate on Ethernet LAN ?
      a) 1
      b) 2
      c) 3
      d) None of the above   
42. In Boolean algebra A . A’ =
      a) 0
      b) 1
      c) 01
      d) 10
43.  Which one of the following error will be handle by the OS ?
      a) Power failure
      b) Lack of paper in printer
      c) Connectionfailure in the Network
      d) All of the above
44. HTTP Refers to
      a) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
      b) Hyper Text Transmission Protocol
      c) Hyper Text Tie Protocol
      d) None of the above
45. Which one is the translator?
      a) Compiler
      b) Loader
      c) Linker
      d) Macroprocessor
46. Telnet is a service that runs
      a) Television on net
      b) Remote program
      c) Cable TV Network
      d) Telenext
47. Sparse matrix have
      a) Many zero entries
      b) Many non-zero entries
      c) Higher dimension
      d) None of the above
48. Because of the virtual memory, the memory can be shared among
      a) Processes
      b) Threads
      c) Instruction
      d) None of the above
49. Precedence operator determines which
      a) is evaluated first
      b) is most important
      c) is fastest
      d) operates on the largest number
50. The fields in a class of a C++ program are by default
      a) Protected
      b) Public
      c) Private
      d) None of the above      
51. Data structure used in Quick Sort is
      a) QUEUE
      b) STACK
      c) GRAPH
      d) TREE
52. Which one is Object Oriented Programming Language ?
      a) C
      b) Simula
      c) C++
      d) Both (b) and (c)
53. The feature that allows you to define new data types that are equivalent to existing data types is
      a) Pointer
      b) Typedef
      c) Structure
      d) Union
54. Which of the following is correct regarding meta tag in HTML?
      a) <meta> ….. </meta>
      b) <meta name = ” “/>
      c) <metadata> </metadata>
      d) <metadata name =” “/>
55. The function that an entity plays in a relationship is called that entity’s .
      a) Participation
      b) Position
      c) Role
      d) Instance
56. puts() is an
      a) Input function
      b) Output function
      c) Both input & output function
      d) None of the above
57. The length of the string NEW DELHI is
      a) 9
      b) 10
      c) 8
      d) 7
58.  The data structure which is used for the expression evaluation is
      a) Binary Tree
      b) Queue
      c) Graph
      d) None of the above
59. A memory buffer used to accommodate a speed differential is called
      a) Stack pointer
      b) Cache
      c) Accumulator
      d) Disk buffer
60. Which one is the third layer of the a OSI model?
      a) Network
      b) Transport
      c) Session
      d) Datalink

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