NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 11- The Valley of Flowers

NCERT Class 4 EVS Chapter 11 – Valley of Flowers helps students to basically understand and appreciate the beauty of flowers. The chapter as well as the solutions that we are providing here has been designed to help students grasp the importance and different uses of flowers as well as the anatomy or structure of plants. Additionally, these solutions will act as a great reference for students and they can also prepare well for exams.

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1. Have you ever seen so many flowers grow together anywhere? Where?


Yes, I have seen so many flowers growing together at the garden of my uncle’s house.

2. How many differently coloured flowers have you seen?


I saw so many different coloured flowers.

3. Write their colours.


The colours were red, yellow, blue, pink, violet, white, orange.

4. Now you were just left counting, weren’t you?


Yes, I was. But the number of flowers were countless in the garden.

5. Are there any things in your house which have designs of flowers made on them – like clothes, sheets, vases, etc.?


Yes, there are many things in my house that have designs of flowers. These are curtains, bed sheets, notebook cover, pillow cover etc.

The World of Flowers

1. Here are some pictures of flowers. Mark a (P) on the flowers which you recognise. Write their names too if you know.

NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 11 - 1


NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 11 - 2

2. From the pictures given above, and other flowers that you know, give names of two which

grow on trees __________ _________

grow on bushes __________ _________

grow on creepers __________ _________

grow on water plants __________ _________

bloom only at night __________ _________

bloom in the day

and close at night __________ _________


grow on trees Gulmohar Kadam

grow on bushes Lavender Hibiscus

grow on creepers Champa Coral vine

grow on water plants Water lilly Lotus

bloom only at night Moon flower Queen of Night

bloom in the day

and close at night Sunflower Poppy

3. Which flowers can you recognise by their scent, even with your eyes closed?


Rose and jasmine can be recognized by their scent, even with our eyes closed.

4. Which flowers bloom all the year round? Which flowers bloom only in certain months?


Rose and Hibiscus bloom all the year round. Flowers such as rajnigandha usually blooms from April to September.

5. Are there any trees or plants which never have any flowers?

Find out and write.

Yes, money plant and conifers never have any flowers.

NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 11 - 3

Why this?

1. Have you ever seen a board like this put up anywhere?


Yes, I have seen such a board put up in public parks and gardens.

2. Do people pluck flowers even when this board is there?


No, usually when this board is placed people do not pluck flowers.

3. Why do you think they do this?


They do this as they do not respect the rule and some others do it for fun too.

4. Should they do this?


No, it’s against the rule and people should not pluck flowers.

5. What would happen if everybody plucked flowers?


If everybody plucked flowers then there wouldn’t be any flower left in the parks and gardens. Also, it destroys the beauty and colour of the place.

Let us look closely

1. What is the colour of the flower?


It’s red in colour.

2. What kind of a scent does it have?


It has a very lovely scent.

3. What does it look like – a bell, a bowl, a brush or anything else?


It looks bowl shaped.

4. Do these flowers grow in bunches?


No, they do not grow in bunches usually.

5. How many petals does it have?


It has about 40 to 100 petals.

6. Are all the petals joined together or separate?


The petals of the flower are separate.

7. Outside the petals, can you see any green leafy structure? How many are there?


Yes, I can see four such structures.

9. Inside the petals, in the middle of the flower, can you see some thin structures? Write its colour.


Yes, the colour of this structure is pink-red.

10. When you touch these, do you find a powdery thing on your hands?


Yes, I found a powdery thing on my hands when touching it.

Blooming buds!

1. What differences do you find between a flower and a bud?


A bud is smaller than a flower. Buds are actually the very early phase of flower formation. It’s the bud that develops into a flower.

2. Can you tell how many days will a bud take to bloom into a flower? Let us try and find out.

(a) Choose a bud that is growing on a plant and look at it every day. Write the name of the plant.


It takes about 4 to 5 days for a bud to bloom into a flower. It was a rose plant.

(b) When you first saw this bud, the date was _________. Now when the bud has bloomed into a flower, the date is _______. How many days did the bud take to become a flower?


When you first saw this bud, the date was 2nd March. Now when the bud has bloomed into a flower, the date is 7th March. It took 5 days for the bud to become a flower.

(c) Ask your friends the names of the different flowers that they have seen. How much time did it take their buds to become flowers?


Bud of a hibiscus takes about seven days and sunflower’s bud takes about seven to eight days.

(d) Also observe how many days the same flower took to dry.


Hibiscus takes about 30 days to become dry and sunflower takes about 30 to 40 days to become dry.

So many uses!

Flowers are even eaten!

1. What are the different ways we use flowers in our daily life? Do you know that flowers can be eaten as well?


Different ways we use flower in our daily life are:

– For decorations

– As gifts (bouquet)

– For making appetizing meals

– To convey emotions

– It can release stress and anxiety

– Can make us look beautiful

Yes, I know that flowers can be eaten as well.

2. Are flowers cooked in your home as a dry vegetable, a gravy dish or as a chutney? Find out which flowers are used for these.


Yes, flowers of some plants are cooked as dry vegetable, gravy dish or as chutney. Flowers of banana, sahja, kachnar, etc. are used as vegetables and gravy. Flowers of Shefalika is used for making chutney.

Flowers in medicines!

1. Find out names of any two flowers which are used for making medicines?


Cedar and rose are used for making medicines.

2. How is rose water used in your house? Is it used as medicine, sweets, lassi or something else? Find out and tell others.


Rose water is used as a medicine for the eyes and skin and also used to mix with sweets and lassi

Colours from flowers

1. Find out and write the names of some more flowers that are used for making colours.


Rose, saffron and hibiscus are some of the flowers that are used for making colour and dyes.

2. Can you think of a colour of which there is no flower?


I think for colours grey and silver there are no flowers.

3. Write the names of such flowers which are used to make scents


Lavender, jasmine, rose and many other flowers are used to make scents.

Talk about it

1. Do you know when such songs are sung?


Yes, such songs are sung on the occasions of marriage.

2. Do you or anybody else at home know other such songs? Collect songs, poems, etc., on flowers.


My mother and aunty knows several such songs.

3. Are any special flowers used on certain occasions/festivals by your elders? Make a list of different occasions and the flowers used at each.

Occasion/ FestivalsName of flower


Occasion/ FestivalsName of flower
Valentine DayRed rose
Religious ceremonyMarigold
BirthdayRose, tulip

Let us know some more

Have you ever seen anyone selling flowers anywhere? If there are any flower-sellers nearby ask them these questions and write –

1. What are the different flowers that they sell? Ask them the names of three flowers.


Rose, jasmine, dahlia, marigold and lotus are different flowers sold.

2. Where do they bring these flowers from?


They bring these flowers from horticulture farms and gardens.

3. Why do people buy flowers?


People buy flowers various purposes like decoration, worship and to gift them to others.

4. In what forms do flower-sellers sell their flowers? Look at these picture. Tick against those forms that you have seen.

NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 11 - 4


NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 11 - 5

Any other form that you have seen –

Sellers sell flowers in the form of Gajra.

5. Have you seen flowers offered at many religious places?


Yes, I have seen different types and colours of flowers offered at many religious places.

6. What do we do when they dry up?


We dispose the dry flowers as waste.

7. How will you use them?


I will use them to make dry colours for Holi festival.

8. Some flowers are used in different forms – like rose and marigold are used in garlands and as loose petals too.

(a) Find out the prices of these different forms.

One flower _______________

One garland _________________

One bouquet _________________


One flower – Rs 10

One garland – Rs 50

One bouquet – Rs 200

(b) Has the flower-seller learnt to make bouquets or a net of flowers from anybody? From whom?


Yes, the flower-seller learnt to make bouquets or a net flowers from his father.

(c) Would they like the other members of their family to do this work? Why?


Yes, they’d like to include other family members to do this work as it makes some extra earning for the flower-seller.

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