Haryana TET Solved paper of PGT Computer Science Group held on 01 February 2014

Solved paper of PGT Computer Science Group held on 01 February 2014


Haryana Teachers Eligibility Test 2014 (Teachers for classes 9th to 12th ) Solved paper of PGT Computer Science Group held on 01 February 2014

(Correct Answers Are Highlighted In Deep Saffron Bold Color)


1.  ___________ is not a physical tag.
a) <B>
b) <S>
c) <Small>
d) None of these

2.  ____________ first proposed the process of normalization.
a) Edward Stephen
b) Edward Codd
c) Edgar W. Codd
d) Edgar F. Codd 

3.  A ____________ uses physical addresses.
a) Router
b) Repeater
c) Gateway
d) Bridge

4.  C++ was developed by__________
a) Dennis Ritchie
b) Edgard Codd
c) Ivan Bayross
d) Bjarne Stroustrup

5.  ____________ is also called class interface.
a) Member function
b) Program access level
c) Data Member
d) Class tagname

6.  ____________ is an example of Half Duplex System.
a) Keyboard
b) Monitor
c) Telephone
d) Walkie-Talkie         

7.  _____________ shortcut key is used to insert a new slide in the document presentation.
a) Ctrl + N
b) Ctrl + O
c) Ctrl + M
d) Ctrl + F

8.  A file which contains readymade styles that can be used in a presentation is called __________.
a) Auto style
b) Template
c) Wizard
d) Pre formatting

9.  _____________ are data items that never change the values during a program run.
a) Integers
b) Variables
c) Literals
d) Float

10. ______________is a way to bind the data & its associated functions together which allows
them to be hidden.
a) Structure
b) Enum
c) Class
d) None of these

11. Overall System architecture is derived in _______________ phase.
a) Coding
b) Design
c) Testing
d) Maintenance    

12. When two entries about same data do not agree, the database is said to be ________.
a) Inconsistent
b) Unsecured
c) Intended
d) Integrated

13. _______________ sorting smallest key is taken again and again in unsorted array.
a) Insertion
b) Selection
c) Bubble
d) Heap

14. TCP connection is available at port _____________ on HTTP.
a) 80
b) 60
c) 70
d) 92

15. Which gate does the following circuit represent?

a) OR
b) AND
c) XOR

16. ___________ function gives the total number of rows in a table.
a) Variance
b) Max
c) Sum
d) Count

17. What is an operating System?
a) Application software
b) Utility program
c) Program Development tool
d) System software

18. What is the last column of a worksheet?
a) AV
b) IV
c) VI
d) VA

19. Encapsulation is a way to implement ____________.,
a) Inheritance
b) Polymorphism
c) Data abstraction
d) Overloading

20. A CPU’s processing power is measured in ______________.
a) IPS
d) Nanosecond      

21. Macros are run or executed from ____________ menu.
a) Tools
b) Insert
c) Format
d) Data

22. In _____________ insertion & deletion takes place only at top.
a) Queue
b) Sorting
c) Link List
d) Stack

23. A numbered list can be created by


    • b)


    • c)


  • d) 

24. If every ‘non-key’ attribute is functionally dependent on primary “key”, then the relation is in
a) 3 NF
b) 2 NF
c) 4 NF

25. Microprocessor based computers started in ______________ generations.
a) 1st
b) 2nd
c) 3rd
d) 4th

26. ____________ is a Universal gate
a) AND
b) NOT
c) NOR
d) XOR

27. In SQL decimal data type, _________indicates the number of significant digits the number is to have.
a) Precision
b) Scale
c) Float
d) None

28. The number of attributes in a relation is called _______________.
a) Degree
b) Domain
c) Cardinality
d) String

29. _____________ is not a type of formatting in MS-Word.
a) Character
b) Paragraph
c) Document
d) Line

30. _____________ command gives virtual table with no data, but can be operated like any other table.
d) None of these

31.  ____________ tag is used for adding comments.
a) ! – –
b) //
c) – -!
d) * *

32.  A _____________ operates  at the highest layer of network abstraction.
a) Gateway
b) Repeater
c) Router
d) Bridge

33.  A GUI is a ___________
a) Hardware
b) Language interpreter
c) Software interface
d) Operating system           

34.  In CREATE TABLE SQL command, each table must have atleast ___________ column.
a) 0
b) 2
c) 3
d) 1

35.  ____________ function is used to read string.
a) getch( )
b) getc( )
c) getstr( )
d) gets( )

36. The requested files used by web are stored in ________________ memory.
a) RAM
b) ROM
c) Cache
d) None of these

37. ___________ generation of computers was the first to store instruction in their own memory.
a) 2nd
b) 3rd
c) 4th
d) 5th

38.  ______________ document acts as a contract between the developer and the customer.
a) SDD
b) DFD
c) SRS
d) None of these

39.  ______________ is a collection of data sent as a single message.
a) Datagram
b) Protocol
c) Switch
d) None of these

40. ____________command is used to move to a particular page number in a file.
a) Move
b) Go
c) Go to
d) Move to

41. Which feature help to insert the contents of clipboard as text without any formatting?
a) Paste special
b) Format painter
c) Page set up
d) Style

42. The multiple use of input or output operators in one statement is called ___________.
a) Overriding
b) Overloading
c) Cascading
d) None of these

43.  When a function is defined inside a class, it is called ____________.
a) Inside function
b) Inline function
c) Class function
d) None of these

44. The problem of variable delay in video conferencing is removed using _____________.
a) Packet filter
b) Timestamp
c) Gateway
d) None of these

45. The ability to modify the data structure and not have to change the program using data is called:
a) Data Independence
b) Data dictionary
c) Data integrity
d) Refrential integrity

46. Decimal Conversion of (11A.62)16 gives ___________.
a) (182.282)10
b) (202.382)10
c) (182.382)10
d) (282.382)10

47. _________ is a pool of values from which the actual values appearing in a given column are drawn.
a) String
b) Domain
c) Cardinality
d) Degree

48. What function display row data in a column & column data in row?
a) Hyperlink
b) Index
c) Row invert
d) Transpose

49. ______________ is a file that contains data about data.
a) Object
b) Database
c) Data dictionary
d) None

50. FTP is a ____________ layer mechanism of TCP/IP.
a) Application
b) Physical
c) Data link
d) Network

51. To introduce special effects in a slide show ___________ is used.
a) Overheads
b) Letters
c) Slide transition
d) Slide animation

52. The size of 1-D array with UB as upperbound and LB as lowerbound is given by _________.
a) Array size (length) = UB – LB + 1
b) Array size (length) = UB – LB
c) Array size (length) = UB + LB – 1
d) Array size (length) = UB – LB – 1

53.  A _____________ is a set of rules that are applicable for a network.
a) Data
b) Protocol
c) Message
d) Receiver

54. ____________ refer to names of variable, function, array and Class created by the programmer.
a) Identifier
b) Keyword
c) Constraint
d) String

55. Two similar structures can have only _____________ assignments.
a) ==
b) =
d) !=
d) =!
  = is the assignment operator.
== is the equality operator. it returns true if the left side is equal to the right side, and returns false if they are not equal.

56. _____________ generations of computers started the use of operating systems.
a) 1st
b) 2nd
c) 3rd
d) 4th

57. When a user does not enter a value for a column, a value is automatically inserted in the field
using _______________ constraint.
a) Unique
b) Primary
c) Check
d) Default

58. _____________ is an exit-controlled loop.
a) do-while
b) while-do
c) for
d) if then

59. Which of the following characters is used as punctuator?
a) #
b) <
c) %
d) ++

60. ______________ keyword eliminates duplicate rows from the results of SELECT statement.
c) ALL


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