What is Computer Graphic Design?

What is Computer Graphic Design

What is Computer Graphic Design?

Computer graphic design produces visual ideas and a creative template for advertising and publicity. This has become a phenomenon in the way your ads affects your marketing. In publishing information and creating more attractive images about the product which boosts a product market, the graphic designer plays a significant role. In order to produce emotions and to send messages to viewers, it uses technology to manipulate and blend words, pictures, colour and typography. Continue reading for different computer graphic design aspects.

How does Computer Graphic Design make working so easy?

It includes various software’s that makes designing easy and less time-consuming. Designing images by using these tools gives you loads of readily available stuff where you just have to place them properly. Again if we discuss coloring then the region gets filled by a single click and editing is too easy.

Adding contents like media and text with the manipulated images perfectly explains the end user about your feelings. We can make GIF(graphics integrated file) which is more famous nowadays. GIF is about from 0 to 5 seconds which explains in short about what you want to explain.

Top Companies

Many top industries which are in Graphic designing are: –

  1. Doodlo design
  2. Pentagram
  3. Landor
  4. Meta Design
  5. The Chase
  6. Charlie Smith design
  7. Happy Cog
  8. Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv
  9. Saffron Brand consultants

What can you do with Computer Graphic Design?

We can make use of graphic design in the following ways: –

  1. Digital design => It means that any image which is been manipulated or modified then this design is called digital design. While doing this we focus on the artistic values and aesthetic look of an image. Digital design is used for advertising or sometimes on the billboard.
  2. Multimedia design => Multimedia design means including sound and text and making one media file of it. These are fancy graphical images usually seen on the website or in the presentation.


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Once you learn computer graphic design you will come to know: –

  1. Your marketing skills become more powerful.
  2. Images manipulated by you gives your product a large market which increases the sources of income.
  3. In multimedia design, you don’t have to tell anything instead your added sound and text will tell everything with the help of your added images.

Skills Required

To learn computer graphic you should have analytical skills, communication skills, and time-management skills. You should have artistic ability and some creativity that shows how skillful art you can create.

Why should we use Computer Graphic Design?

We use computer graphic design because: –

  1. Candidates can work independently.
  2. They can work in a team according to the project.
  3. Projects can be finished within times or below the given time if we have good hands on it.
  4. Multiple projects can be handled simultaneously which enables us to work more.


Every field has a different scope but Graphic designer has the following advantages: –

  1. If the candidate is solely interested in becoming an artist to express his creativity then he is on the right platform.
  2. As the tools used in computer graphics are used by various multi-national companies so a learning candidate has a wide scope to get placed.
  3. If you are interested in formatting existing images or information then you may develop your career as a desktop publisher.
  4. You may have the chance to become a trainer in institutes or teacher in colleges and universities where these tools are taught.

Why do we need Computer Graphic Design?

The need for computer graphic in today’s world has become important in the following ways: –

  1. Every marketer or salesperson is dependent on how fabulously the product has enhanced.
  2. When the product is launched the first step is to make the multimedia design.
  3. Whether it is a firm or a big brand everyone has their website and they need to update their website regularly. They have to take help of a graphic designer to modify their product or information as a graphic designer puts the information in a more attractive way.

Who is the right audience for learning this technology?

A candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in any field or at least graduation is must in any field. If the candidate is from sales or from the marketing field then he can make use of his previous experience by learning this.

A passionate lover and artistic mind people are most welcomed to grab knowledge of computer graphic design as this will help in exploring their career.

How this technology will help you in career growth?

This is the technology where you have to create your own portfolio which helps to enhance your career. The portfolio may be any project that you have completed successfully, whether it may be your school or college project. The details of your project should be mentioned properly in a detailed way. You can mention the number of all the projects you have completed which gives you the boom in your career.


Since it can be concluded that it is the basic need of today’s modern world where everyone wants to grab knowledge through the internet. By making the information and media more strong and more attractive makes end user learn and know the things clearly.

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