Introduction to Sensor Device


Introduction to Sensor Device

The sensor is a type of device which detects and then responds according to some input received from the physical environment. The input can be in any form like heat, light, pressure, moisture, motion and other environmental factors. And then the sensor device does some processing on the collected input and generates an output that is in a human-readable form. The sensor devices can be used in home appliances, industries, and other sectors. The design of a sensor device is based on the use case and it can be designed accordingly. The sensors can be used in any sector and help to make the daily routine work easy.

What is a Sensor Device?

Sensor Device is a type of input device which do some processing and generates output. The other meaning of sensor device is that it is a type of device which convert signals from one source of energy to the electrical domain. One of the sensor examples is a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR). In LDR the resistance varies according to light intensity. When the light intensity is more the resistance is very less and when the light intensity is less the resistance value is high.

Types of Sensor Device

There are various types of sensors that are used in daily uses a have different types of applications. The sensors are dependent on some physical phenomena like resistance, conduction, temperature, heat transfer, capacitance, etc.

In the below section some of them are described below:


1. Temperature Sensors

As per the name, the temperature sensor is used to senses the temperature. The temperature sensor detects the temperature change. As the temperature changes, it belongs to a corresponding change in voltage and resistance in temperature sensors. It can be used in mobile phones, computers, air conditioning systems, automobiles, industries, and other sectors. There are various examples of temperature sensors like Resistive Temperatures Devices (RTD), thermistors and ICs.

proximity sensor

2. Proximity Sensors

The proximity sensor is a non-contact type of sensor which is used to detect the object presence. This sensor is used to detect any touch with one object to another object. It can be used in mobile phones or cars (parking sensors). The major use of proximity sensors is in the car parking system. In reverse parking of the car, the proximity sensors are majorly used. The technology used in proximity sensors is based on hall effect, ultrasonic, capacitive and Optical. Popular Course in this categoryAll in One Software Development Bundle (600+ Courses, 50+ projects)600+ Online Courses | 3000+ Hours | Verifiable Certificates | Lifetime Access
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infrared sensor

3. Infrared Sensor

The infrared sensor is a type of light-based sensor that can be used for detecting any objects. The infrared sensors worked as proximity sensors in mobile phones. There are broadly two types of infrared sensors i.e. transmissive type IR sensor and Reflective type IR sensor. The transmissive IR sensor is used when there is a need for detecting any movement in-between object. It is placed in between the object and when something passes between object transmissive sensor detect that activity and inform about that activity. In the reflective type sensor when there is something placed in front of the reflective sensor it detects that activity and information about that activity.

light detector sensor

4. Light Detector Sensor

As the name suggests the light detector sensor is used to detect the intensity of light. This type of sensor is used to convert light energy into electric energy. The light detector sensors are capable of detecting ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared light, etc.

smoke detector sensor

5. Smoke Detector Sensor

The smoke detector sensor is a smoke detecting device that detects smoke and fire. It is mainly used in homes, schools, industries, and offices. This device is vastly used and very important as it can be used to detect fire and reduce the risk of an accident. When the sensor detects the smoke it immediately raises the alarm and alerts everybody so that appropriate action can be taken within the time.

Uses of Sensor Device

Below are the points explain the uses of Sensor Device:

  • The temperature sensors can be used to measure the temperature of soil which can be beneficial in crop production.
  • The pressure sensors can be used to detect the water leakage in pipes and can be beneficial in saving water.
  • The proximity sensors can be used in cars. At the time of reversing the car the proximity user can be used which generates an alarm if an object is very close to the car. It can also be used in museums as if anyone tries to touch any object in a museum it can generate alarms.
  • The infrared sensors can be used to detect moisture and flame.
  • The optical sensors can be used in computers, Xerox machines which can be automatically turn on when there is dark. It can also be used in chemical industries, refineries, chemical factories, etc.
  • The gas sensors can be sued to detect the gas leakage in chemical plants, gas plants. It can be used to reduce the risk of accidents and is responsible to detect leakage of any toxic gas, flammable gas or any combustible gas.
  • Smoke sensors are used to detect any smoke or fire in offices, home or any industries. It immediately generates an alarm when it detects and smoke.

Advantages of Sensor Device

Below points explain the advantages of a Sensor device:

  • The infrared sensors are used to cont4rol many systems. As the size of the sensor is very small and is difficult to see from the naked eye and are also very reliable.
  • The light sensor is very reliable for security systems. They provide additional security when they are used in industries, offices, and banks.
  • The motion sensors are used to detect any type of suspicious activity. It is also very easy to install and use.
  • The smoke sensors, gas sensors are used to detect any type of accident in industries and help to save the life of people.


For the current scenarios of industries, the sensors are very important. As they are heavily used in industries, offices, home to reduce the human effort and make the work easy. Sensors are different applications that can be used in any sector and make the work easy for human beings.

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