Mastering Excel

Mastering Excel

In this excel blog, you will learn some of the amazing things which will add real value to your professional career. You are going to learn right from basic to some of the advanced stuffs with this blog.

We have covered formulas, Tools, charts, productivity techniques,Useful Excel Tips, Different kinds of formula with practical approach…

Excel is the universal language which speaks in all the offices. So learning this software tool is key at your workplace to go a long way. Efficient ways of using excel is vital in increasing productivity at your workplace.

Microsoft Office Tools


Microsoft Office Tools plays a vital role in almost all the offices in modern days. I would this is like how our universal language “English” is for communication, similarly for all kinds of data driven work Microsoft Office Tools are universal products.
This is one aspect of Microsoft Office Tools and on the other hand knowing how to work with them will give you an edge at your work place. Mastering Microsoft Office Tools will definitely add value to your professional “CV”.


  1. Powerful Features of Microsoft Access
  2. Create Database Using Microsoft Access
  3. How to Unlock the Potential of OneNote
  4. Project Plan In MS Project
  5. Creating Amazing MS PowerPoint Presentations
  6. Get Started with Microsoft Word
  7. Exciting Things About Microsoft Office
  8. Ms Word Software
  9. Office Suite Applications For Your Android Device
  10. Image In An InDesign Document
  11. You Wanted to Know About MS Office
  12. Microsoft Word Features you Easy Working
  13. Powerful Features of Microsoft Access
  14. Presentation Using Powerpoint
  15. Cheat Sheet Word

Excel Formula and Functions


Once you finish basic stuffs with excel learning how do we advance to next level, is the common question runs in every advance excel aspirant.
After the basic thing you need to understand the version of excel you are working on and what the additional formulas in that version are of excel. You need to concentrate on some of the essential formulas which will be used day in day out at your work place for smooth operating of work. In this blog you will see some of the important formula, automation through VBA macros, new features of Excel 2016 version, interactive dashboards, efficient shortcut keys etc…


  2. Excel Print Command
  3. Common Excel Errors
  4. Excel Made Easy For Dummies
  5. Basic Excel Formulas Useful
  6. Improve Work Performance
  7. What’s New In Excel 2016? Know Its 10 Wonderful Features
  8. Create Interactive Excel Dashboard
  9. Microsoft Excel Shortcuts
  10. Improve your Microsoft Excel Skills?
  11. How to Use Microsoft Excel – For Beginners
  12. Advanced Excel Formulas and Functions
  13. Features of 2016 Excel Workbook
  14. Pivot Chart in Excel 2016
  15. Excel Sum Time
  16. Excel Function for Range
  17. Excel Calculations
  18. Payroll in Excel
  19. Complex Formulas in Excel
  20. Advanced Formulas in Excel
  21. VLOOKUP Names

MS Excel Shortcuts


How can we work faster in Excel, is the common question we all have asked experts while learning excel at the beginning. If you are still struggling to find the best resource to learn MS Excel Shortcut keys then this blog is right up there with a wide variety of shortcut keys. In this blog, you will learn shortcut keys case study, selection shortcut keys, formatting shortcut keys, how to navigate in excel worksheet through shortcut keys, and also this blog covers data inputs in excel worksheet.


Workplace Productivity


Productivity is the something your hiring manager expects from you on an hourly basis. Only way you can increase your work place productivity is by mastering the tools you working on.
Often times we follow the old traditional methods to work but we don’t realize the fact that we can minimize those steps to increase our productivity. Keeping this in mind in this blog we will show you “tricks that we can use in Microsoft Office Tools”, “tricks that can be vital in operating system Windows 10”, “office product productivity tools”.
And some of the must know productivity tools related to Microsoft products category.


Excel Functions


Is it necessary to all the functions in excel??
Simply the answer is “not necessary”. Imagine you are an accounting professional and by learning engineering functions nowhere going to help you. Yes it is good know new things outside your professionalism but at the start not required.
In this blog we will show you formulas like MOD Function, SWITCH Function, AVERAGIF Function, FV Function, etc… And part from these functions you will also learn different types of charts like “bar chart, scatter chart as well.


Lookup & Reference Functions in Excel


Out of all the excel functions lookup and reference category functions are the most often used functions. VLOOKUP rules all the lookup functions. In this blog we dedicatedly discuss the formulas in the category of lookup and reference functions.
We will see some of the important lookup functions like VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX, IFERROR with VLOOKUP, LOOKUP function, CHOOSE function etc.…
And also we will see some of the reference functions like COLUMN, TRANSPOSE, and VALUE etc… We will also cover practical examples like “How to Match Data in Excel”, “Error Fixing in VLOOKUP function”.


  1. LOOKUP in Excel
  2. TRANSPOSE in Excel
  3. Choose Function in Excel
  4. COLUMN Function in Excel
  5. INDIRECT Function in Excel
  6. HLOOKUP Function in Excel
  7. MATCH Function in Excel
  8. VLOOKUP Function in Excel
  9. OFFSET Excel Function
  10. Excel VALUE Function
  11. Excel GETPIVOTDATA Function
  12. Excel REPLACE Function
  13. Excel COLUMNS Function
  14. Address Excel Function
  15. HYPERLINK in Excel
  16. Excel ROW Function
  17. IFERROR with VLOOKUP in Excel
  18. Fixing VLOOKUP Errors
  19. Excel VLOOKUP From Another Sheet
  20. VLOOKUP with Sum
  21. Excel Alternatives to VLOOKUP
  22. HLOOKUP Examples
  23. Excel INDEX Function
  24. CHOOSE Formula in Excel
  25. Excel Match Function
  26. Excel Lookup Function
  27. Excel OFFSET Formula
  28. Excel COLUMN to Number
  29. IF VLOOKUP Formula in Excel
  30. Mixed Reference in Excel
  31. VLOOKUP Table Array
  32. How to Match Data in Excel
  33. VLOOKUP For Text
  34. ROWS Function in Excel
  35. VLOOKUP True

Financial Functions in Excel


If you are working in any back or financial institutions then you must know financial functions in excel. Just imagine yourself in a loan department of the bank and you are required to tell the monthly EMI amount to the customer based on loan amount, tenure and interest rate. With the help of PMT function in excel you can quickly tell the monthly EMI amount to the customer.
In this blog we will show you Present Value Function (PV), Future Value Function (FV), Net Present Value Function (NPV), Payment Function (PMT), investment function like IRR, MIRR, RATE function, XIRR, IPMT function etc.…


  1. FV Function in Excel
  2. IPMT in Excel
  3. XIRR In Excel
  4. PMT Function in Excel
  5. IRR Function in Excel
  6. RATE Function in Excel
  7. NPV Function in Excel
  8. YIELD Excel Function
  9. PV Excel Function
  10. MIRR Excel Function
  11. Excel PRICE Function
  12. Standard Deviation in Excel
  13. Excel PV Formula
  14. Excel RATE Formula
  15. NPER in Excel
  16. MIRR Formula in Excel
  17. NPV Formula in Excel
  18. PPMT Function in Excel
  19. NPER Function in Excel

Maths Function in Excel


Excel formula has categories based on the result of each function, so similarly we have a group called “Math Functions in excel”.
In this blog you will learn how to convert negative numbers to positive numbers using ABS function, how to generate random fraction numbers using RAND function, how to sum numbers using SUM function, how to round down decimal numbers using ROUNDDOWN function, how to round up using ROUNDUP. Apart from this you will learn functions like POWER, TAN, LOG, LN, SUMPRODUCT etc.…


  1. EVEN Function in Excel
  2. SUM Function in Excel
  3. POWER Function in Excel
  4. SUMIF Function in Excel
  5. LOG Function in Excel
  6. FLOOR Excel Function
  7. AGGREGATE Function in Excel
  8. SUBTOTAL in Excel
  9. LN Function in Excel
  10. Excel RAND Function
  11. ODD Excel Function
  12. COS Function in Excel
  13. COMBIN Function in Excel
  14. ABS Function in Excel
  15. INT Excel Function
  16. Excel TAN Function
  17. SUMPRODUCT Function in Excel
  18. ROUND Excel Function
  19. Excel ROUNDDOWN Function
  20. Excel ROUNDUP Function
  21. Excel Square Root Function
  22. Excel Running Total
  23. Excel Exponents
  24. Excel SIN Function
  25. SUMPRODUCT Formula in Excel
  26. Excel Rounding
  27. Excel SUMIF with OR
  28. Excel SUMIFS with Dates
  29. SUMIF with Multiple Criteria
  30. Sumif Between Two Dates
  31. SUMIF Formula in Excel
  32. How to SUM in Excel
  33. Calculations in Excel
  34. Sumif Function Examples
  35. ROUND Formula in Excel
  36. Matrix in Excel
  37. PRODUCT Function in Excel
  38. How to Sum Multiple Rows in Excel
  39. Calculate Income Tax in Excel
  40. RANDBETWEEN in Excel
  41. MROUND in Excel
  42. SUMIF with Text
  43. Excel DEGREES Function
  44. Trunc in Excel
  45. MMULT in Excel
  46. MINVERSE in Excel
  47. SUM Cells in Excel
  48. Calculating Investment Return In Excel

Excel Tools


Knowing what are the tools excel has and how to work with plays a key role in how long you go in your excel learning. Using excel tools is key in increasing the work productivity at your work place.
So keeping this in mind we have created this blog which will cover some of the key excel tools like What-If-Analysis in Excel, Quick Access Toolbar (QAT), Advanced Filter, Data Sorting, Conditional Formatting, Combining two columns data into one etc…


  1. TANH Function in Excel
  2. Scrollbar in Excel
  3. Excel List box
  4. Excel Solver Tool
  5. CheckBox in Excel
  6. Text to Columns in Excel
  7. Excel Combo Box
  8. Excel Table
  9. Goal Seek in Excel
  10. Data Table in Excel
  11. Excel Radio Button
  12. Excel Data Validation
  13. Excel Data Filter
  14. Advanced Filter in Excel
  15. Auto Format in Excel
  16. Excel Lock Formula
  17. Excel Fill Handle
  18. One Variable Data Table in Excel
  19. Two Variable Data Table in Excel
  20. Merge Cells in Excel
  21. Excel AutoFilter
  22. Record Macro in Excel
  23. Excel Forms for Data Entry
  24. Excel Dynamic Range
  25. Excel Sort by date
  26. Dynamic Tables in Excel
  27. Excel Wrap Text
  28. Excel Conditional Formatting in Pivot Table
  29. Excel Merge Two Tables
  30. Excel ANOVA
  31. Excel Quick Access Toolbar
  32. Excel Auto Fill
  33. Excel Tool for Data Analysis
  34. Excel Exponential Smoothing
  35. Excel Flash Fill
  36. Excel Data Bars
  37. Excel Sort by color
  38. Excel Sorting
  39. QUOTIENT in Excel
  40. Excel Drawing
  41. Protect Sheet in Excel
  42. Convert Numbers to Text in Excel
  43. Range in Excel
  44. Timeline in Excel
  45. Excel Table styles
  46. Insert New Worksheet in Excel
  47. Excel Column Lock
  48. Print Gridlines in Excel
  49. Excel Calendar
  50. Check mark in Excel
  51. Excel Header and Footer
  52. Excel Column Filter
  53. Excel Developer Tab
  54. Spelling Check in Excel
  55. Excel Error Bar
  56. Excel Enable Macros
  57. Excel Status Bar
  58. Excel Spreadsheet Formulas
  59. Excel Gridlines
  60. Excel Sort By Number
  61. Excel Merge and Center
  62. Excel Freeze Rows
  63. Excel Toolbar
  64. Excel Heat Map
  65. Excel Autosave
  66. Excel Freeze Panes
  67. Excel Import Data
  68. Excel CTRL D
  69. Excel Accounting Number Format
  70. Excel Regression Analysis
  71. Excel Named Range
  72. Excel Concatenating Columns
  73. Excel AutoCorrect
  74. Excel Icon Sets
  75. Conditional Formatting For Blank Cells
  76. Excel Create Database
  77. Excel Conditional Formatting for Dates
  78. Excel TRANSPOSE Formula
  79. HLOOKUP Formula in Excel
  80. How to Print Labels From Excel
  81. Solve Equation in Excel
  82. Excel Quick Analysis
  83. What If Analysis in Excel
  84. Excel Spreadsheet Examples
  85. Pivot Table Filter
  86. Name Box in Excel
  87. Pivot Table Examples
  88. Freeze Columns in Excel
  89. Watch Window in Excel
  90. Examples of Excel Macros
  91. Slicer in Excel
  92. Pivot Table Slicer
  93. Power View in Excel
  94. Data Model in Excel
  95. Consolidation in Excel
  96. Ribbon in Excel
  97. Power Query in Excel
  98. XML in Excel
  99. Excel Evaluate Formula
  100. How to Unhide All Sheets in Excel?
  101. Timecard Template in Excel
  102. Compare Two Lists in Excel
  103. Form Controls in Excel
  104. Excel Repair
  105. Color in Excel
  106. Pivot Table Count Unique
  107. Excel Business Plan Template
  108. Estimate Template in Excel
  109. CSV Files into Excel
  110. Excel Export to PDF
  111. Free Excel Template

TEXT and String Functions in Excel


Working with strings and numbers two different things in excel. So we have category of text and string functions in excel.
How do you substitute one string with another?? We can do this with SUBSTITUTE formula which is covered in this blog. Similarly to combine different cells data into one we will use CONCATENATE function, to remove unwanted spaces we use TRIM function, to find the number of characters in a cell we use LEN function, to extract number of characters from the left side of the string we have LEFT function, to make the string or text proper sentence we use PROPER function and many more TEXT and String functions are covered in this blog.


  1. TEXT Function in Excel
  2. FIND Function in Excel
  3. CONCATENATE Function in Excel
  4. MID Function in Excel
  5. Search Function in Excel
  6. LEN Function in Excel
  7. RIGHT Function in Excel
  8. SUBSTITUTE Function in Excel
  9. Excel LEFT Function
  10. Excel CLEAN Function
  11. Excel CHAR Function
  12. PROPER Function in Excel
  13. Excel EXACT Function
  14. Excel TRIM Function
  15. Excel CODE Function
  16. Excel REPT Function
  17. Substring Excel Function
  18. Excel Find
  19. TRIM Formula in Excel
  20. Left TRIM in Excel
  21. LEFT Formula in Excel
  22. VALUE Formula in Excel
  23. Opposite of Concatenate in Excel
  24. Concatenate Strings in Excel
  25. Extract Numbers From String

Logical Functions in Excel


Calculations are easy in excel but if you want to do the calculations based on some logic then it requires logical functions to be used in excel.
We have different kind of logical functions like AND, OR, IF, TRUE, FALSE, XOR, NOT, IFERROR. We will show you all of these formulas with practical approach. You will get to know the scenarios of using these logical tests at your work place.


  1. AND Function in Excel
  2. NOT in Excel
  3. OR Function in Excel
  4. TRUE Function in Excel
  5. IFERROR Excel Function
  6. Excel XOR Function
  7. Excel Logical Test
  8. Excel IF AND Function
  9. Excel IF Function
  10. FALSE Function in Excel
  11. Logical Functions in Excel

Excel Tips


You must have come across many tips with excel. On similar note in this blog we are providing some of the important tips with regards to excel.
Number Formatting with Excel, Switching Columns to Row, Protecting and unprotecting the sheet, Excel vs CSV, Concatenation in Excel, Errors in Excel, Working with unwanted spaces, References, Drop Down List, Chart Wizard to create charts in excel, sorting data, working with external links with excel.


  1. Microsoft Office Tricks
  2. CEILING Function in Excel
  3. Unhide Columns in Excel
  4. Excel Absolute Reference
  5. Excel Data Formatting
  6. Excel Insert Multiple Rows
  7. Excel Combine cells
  8. Superscript in Excel
  9. Subscript in Excel
  10. Remove (Delete) Blank Rows in Excel
  11. Relative Reference in Excel
  12. Remove Hyperlinks in Excel
  13. Excel Drop Down List
  14. Cheat Sheet of Excel Formulas
  15. Column Sort in Excel
  16. Excel Spell Check
  17. Print Comments in Excel
  18. Excel CAGR Formula
  19. Page Numbers in Excel
  20. Count Unique Values in Excel
  21. Excel Pivot Table
  22. Subtraction in Excel
  23. Excel Delete Pivot Table
  24. Errors in Excel
  25. Highlight Every Other Row in Excel
  26. Basic Excel Formulas
  27. Random Numbers in Excel
  28. Copy Excel Sheet
  29. Excel Highlight Duplicates
  30. Excel Conditional Formatting Based on Another Cell Value
  31. Excel Remove Duplicates
  32. Excel Calculate Age
  33. Excel Remove Spaces
  34. Not Equal To Excel
  35. Excel Compare Two Columns
  36. Excel Filter Shortcuts
  37. Divide in Excel Formula
  38. Excel Unmerge Cells
  39. Excel Circular Reference
  40. Excel Split Cell
  41. Excel Cell Reference
  42. Excel Insert Row Shortcut
  43. Excel Extensions
  44. Excel Rows to Columns
  45. Excel Paste Shortcut Option
  46. Excel Columns to Rows
  47. Excel Autofit
  48. Excel Format Painter
  49. Excel Separate text
  50. Excel Absolute Value
  51. Print Area in Excel
  52. Excel Row Limit
  53. Excel Moving Averages
  54. Protect Excel Workbook
  55. Excel Hide Formula
  56. Excel 3D Reference
  57. Excel Show Formula
  58. Excel Sparklines
  59. Excel Track changes
  60. Excel Drawing a line
  61. Multiple IFS in Excel
  62. Formula Bar in Excel
  63. Strikethrough in Excel
  64. Excel vs Access
  65. Numbering in Excel
  66. Share Excel Workbook
  67. Excel Row vs Excel Column
  68. Excel Shortcut For Merge Cells
  69. Excel OneDrive
  70. Excel Unprotect Sheet
  71. Count Characters in Excel
  72. Excel Group
  73. Excel Rows and Columns
  74. Excel Move Columns
  75. Excel Translate
  76. Excel Row Height
  77. Excel Text Compare
  78. Excel Uppercase Function
  79. Excel Auto Numbering
  80. Watermark in Excel
  81. Excel Word Count
  82. Excel Delete Row Shortcut
  83. Excel Percentage Difference
  84. Excel Header Row
  85. Calculate Percentage Increase in Excel
  86. Fractions in Excel
  87. Excel Format Phone Numbers
  88. Excel Search Box
  89. Excel Print
  90. Excel Add a Column
  91. Borders in Excel
  92. Excel Formula of Percentage
  93. Excel Row Count
  94. Excel Grade Formula
  95. Excel Operators
  96. Excel Keyboard Shortcuts
  97. Create Excel Template
  98. Excel Greater than or Equal
  99. Excel Change Case
  100. SUMPRODUCT Function with Multiple Criteria
  101. Excel Leading Zeros
  102. Excel Bullet Points
  103. Excel Remove Leading Spaces
  104. Combine First and Last Name in Excel
  105. How to Calculate Ratio in Excel
  106. Calculate Compound Interest in Excel
  107. Excel Concatenate Date
  108. Find External Links in Excel
  109. Excel Comma Style
  110. Convert Excel to CSV
  111. Excel vs CSV
  112. Excel vs Numbers
  113. Excel Sum by Color
  114. Timesheet in Excel
  115. Excel vs Google Sheets
  116. Text Formula in Excel
  117. Nested IF Formula in Excel
  118. Concatenation in Excel
  119. LEN Formula in Excel
  120. Excel Insert Page Break
  121. Insert Comment in Excel
  122. Themes in Excel
  123. Group Worksheets in Excel
  124. Excel ISNUMBER Formula
  125. 3D Maps in Excel
  126. VLOOKUP Tutorial in Excel
  127. Moving Columns in Excel
  128. Grouping Columns in Excel
  129. Excel IRR Formula
  130. OR Formula in Excel
  131. Pivot Table Sort
  132. WEEKDAY Formula in Excel
  133. Pivot Table Formula in Excel
  134. Time Difference in Excel
  135. Chart Wizard in Excel
  136. How to Edit Drop Down List in Excel?
  137. Lookup Table in Excel
  138. SUBTOTAL Formula in Excel
  139. LOOKUP Formula in Excel
  140. SEARCH Formula in Excel
  141. Pivot Table with Multiple Sheets
  142. HYPERLINK Formula in Excel
  143. COLUMNS Formula in Excel
  144. INDIRECT Formula in Excel
  145. DAY Formula in Excel
  146. RIGHT Formula in Excel
  147. Evaluate Formula in Excel
  148. TODAY Formula in Excel
  149. Poisson Distribution in Excel
  150. YEAR Formula in Excel
  151. Excel Text with Formula
  152. REPLACE Formula in Excel
  153. Create Spreadsheet in Excel
  154. How to Find Mean in Excel
  155. How to Add Cells in Excel
  156. Project Timeline in Excel
  157. Excel Insert Button
  158. Database Function in Excel
  159. Budget in Excel
  160. Alternate Row Color Excel
  161. Switching Columns in Excel
  162. VLOOKUP Examples in Excel
  163. Checklist in Excel
  164. Column Header in Excel
  165. 3D Cell Reference in Excel
  166. Matching Columns in Excel
  167. Roadmap Template in Excel
  168. Break Links in Excel
  169. Cell References in Excel
  170. KPI Dashboard in Excel
  171. Excel Automation
  172. Insert Calendar in Excel
  173. Page Setup in Excel
  174. Search For Text in Excel
  175. Wildcard in Excel
  176. Excel Mortgage Calculator
  177. Line Break in Excel
  178. NULL in Excel
  179. Family Tree in Excel
  180. Excel Hacks
  181. Invoice Template in Excel
  182. Find and Replace in Excel
  183. PowerPivot in Excel
  184. Delta Symbol in Excel
  185. Linear Interpolation in Excel
  186. Excel Not Responding
  187. Project Management Template in Excel
  188. Embedded in Excel
  189. Count Colored Cells in Excel
  190. INDEX MATCH Function in Excel
  191. Shade Alternate Rows in Excel
  192. Excel Database Template
  193. Inverse Matrix in Excel
  194. Format Cells in Excel
  195. Vlookup vs Index Match
  196. Blank Invoice Excel Template
  197. Excel Expense Tracker
  198. New Line in Excel Cell
  199. Weighted Average in Excel
  200. CTRL Shift-Enter in Excel
  201. Excel Timesheet Template
  202. Exponential Moving Average Formula
  203. Write Formula in Excel
  204. Excel Reverse Order
  205. Drag and Drop in Excel
  206. Percent Change in Excel
  207. Negative Numbers in Excel
  208. Worksheets in Excel
  209. Excel Match Multiple Criteria
  210. Carriage Return in Excel
  211. Unprotect Excel Workbook
  212. Subtract Date in Excel
  213. Excel Troubleshooting
  214. Autofit Row Height in Excel
  215. Formatting Text in Excel
  216. Divide Cell in Excel
  217. Add Rows in Excel Shortcut
  218. Compare Two Columns in Excel for Matches
  219. Auditing Tools in Excel
  220. Recover Document in Excel

Statistical Functions in Excel


Statistics plays a vital role in decision making. Before we make the report ready we must use some of the statistical functions in excel.
How do you find the maximum value from the lot??? Use MAX function.
How do you find the Xth small value from the lot??? Use SMALL function.
How do you find the Xth largest value from the lot??? Use LARGE function.
Like this we can use statistical tests like P Value, F Test, Trend line, Frequency function, Forecast function etc.…


  1. Excel AVERAGE Function
  2. Excel CORREL Function
  3. Excel Count Function
  4. COUNTIF Excel Function
  5. FREQUENCY Excel Function
  6. Excel LARGE Function
  7. SMALL Excel Function
  8. Excel MIN Function
  9. MAX Excel Function
  10. Excel Forecast Function
  11. SLOPE Excel Function
  12. Excel TREND Function
  13. MODE Excel Function
  14. Excel PERCENTILE Function
  15. Excel QUARTILE Function
  16. Excel T.Test Function
  17. Excel Median Function
  18. COUNTIF with Multiple Criteria
  19. DCOUNT Function in Excel
  20. Excel Frequency Distribution
  21. Excel STDEV Function
  22. Excel F-Test
  23. Excel Trendline
  24. Excel Formula For Rank
  25. Excel MAX IF Function
  26. Z TEST in Excel
  27. COUNTIF Examples in Excel
  28. Excel Average Formula
  29. Excel Correlation Matrix
  30. Excel Z Score
  31. Excel Percentile Formula
  32. Excel Frequency Formula
  33. Excel Variance
  34. COUNTIF Formula in Excel
  35. Excel Standard Deviation Formula
  36. Excel GROWTH Formula
  37. COUNTIF Not Blank in Excel
  38. Excel P Value
  39. Excel Median Formula
  40. Excel Chi Square Test
  41. Count Formula in Excel
  42. Lognormal Distribution in Excel
  43. FORECAST Formula in Excel
  44. Normal Distribution Formula in Excel
  45. Count Cells with Text in Excel
  46. Count Names in Excel
  47. COUNTA Function in Excel
  48. MAX Formula in Excel
  49. Excel NORMSINV
  50. Linear Regression in Excel
  51. COUNTIFS in Excel
  52. Interpolate in Excel
  53. Linear Programming in Excel
  54. Confidence Interval in Excel
  55. Statistics in Excel
  56. COUNTIFS with Multiple Criteria

Date and Time Function in Excel


To work with date and time in excel you must know how excel works with them. Excel stores date and time as serial numbers.
How do you add two dates, will be covered in this blog. How do you know the current date, this will be done by using TODAY function, How do you know the current date and time, this will be done by using NOW function.
NETWORKDAYS to calculate the number of days between two dates excluding weekends and holidays. EOMONTH to calculate the end of the month date for the provided date, subtracting time values etc.…


  1. Excel Date Function
  2. Time Function in Excel
  3. TODAY Excel Function
  4. NOW Excel Function
  5. DAY Excel Function
  6. YEAR in Excel
  7. WEEKDAY Function Excel
  8. WORKDAY Excel Function
  9. EOMONTH Function Excel
  10. Excel Month Function
  11. NETWORKDAYS Excel Function
  12. EDATE Excel Function
  13. Excel DATEVALUE Function
  14. Excel DATEDIF Function
  15. Excel Formula for Weekday
  16. Excel Add Months to Dates
  17. Excel Week Numbers
  18. Excel Insert Date
  19. Excel Date Format
  20. Excel Subtract Time
  21. Date Formula in Excel
  22. EOMONTH Formula
  23. Compare Dates in Excel

Information Functions in Excel


In order to get the information regarding to specific cell we have certain built-in formulas in excel.
How do you identify whether the cell is blank or not???
Whether the value in the cell is number or not???
Is the value in the cell is #N/A or not???
Check whether the cell contains an error or not???
All these things can be done by using information function like ISBLANK, ISNUMBER, ISNA, and ISERROR functions.


  1. ISERROR Excel Function
  2. ISNA Excel Function
  3. ISNUMBER Excel Function
  4. Excel ISBLANK Function

Excel Charts


Charts tell the story better than the numbers alone can tell. So in excel we have variety of built-in charts to show the numbers. Charts are mainly used for presentation and dashboard purpose.
In this blog you will learn built-in charts like Pie Chart, Stacked Area Chart, Bubble Chart, Clustered Chart, etc.…
On top these built-in charts we can create our own charts like Waterfall Chart, Gauge Chart, Dynamic Chart, Pivot Chart, Combination Charts and many.


  1. Excel Pie Chart
  2. Excel Column Chart
  3. Excel Clustered Bar Chart
  4. Excel Area Chart
  5. Excel Gantt Chart
  6. Excel Waterfall Chart
  7. Excel Stacked Area Chart
  8. Histogram Chart Excel
  9. Excel Stacked Column Chart
  10. Excel Bubble Chart
  11. Excel Dynamic Chart
  12. Clustered Column Chart in Excel
  13. Excel Pivot Chart
  14. Excel Gauge Chart
  15. Excel Combination Charts
  16. Excel Scatter Chart
  17. Excel Line Chart
  18. Excel Flowchart
  19. Excel Types of Graphs
  20. Excel 3D Plot
  21. Excel Doughnut chart
  22. Excel Organization Chart
  23. Legends in Excel Chart
  24. Excel Chart Templates
  25. Excel Normal Distribution Graph
  26. Excel Stacked Bar Chart
  27. Excel Bell Curve
  28. S CURVE in Excel
  29. Pie Chart Examples
  30. Box and Whisker Plot in Excel
  31. Map Chart in Excel
  32. Candlestick Chart in Excel
  33. Contour Plots in Excel
  34. Marimekko Chart Excel
  35. Combo Chart in Excel
  36. Radar Chart in Excel
  37. Control Charts in Excel
  38. Dot Plots in Excel
  39. Dashboard in Excel
  40. Project Management with Gantt Chart
  41. Change Chart Style in Excel
  42. 3D Scatter Plot in Excel
  43. Venn Diagram in Excel
  44. Grouped Bar Chart
  45. Excel Animation Chart
  46. Box Plot in Excel
  47. Excel Calendar Template
  48. Bullet Chart in Excel
  49. Thermometer Chart in Excel
  50. Comparison Chart in Excel
  51. Pareto Analysis in Excel
  52. Add a Secondary Axis in Excel
  53. Surface Charts in Excel
  54. Plots in Excel
  55. Interactive Chart in Excel
  56. Excel Data Visualization

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