Introduction to Windows Monitoring Tool

Windows Monitoring Tool

Introduction to Windows Monitoring Tool

Windows monitoring tools are a type of tool used for collecting the data from the agents that are installed on numerous devices present in the network which includes servers. The agent is a lightweight application used for collecting the data and information about server performance and after that, all the collected information is sent to a central server that is running monitoring application.

Types of Windows Monitoring Tool

There is a different type of windows monitoring tool present used for system monitoring, generation of the report, and sent an email that contains server status.

1. Solarwinds Server and Application Monitor

This type of tool is used for doing an in-depth analysis of the network and find the performance bottlenecks present in the network. The application health overview is present in the dashboard of the tool and shows the status of application whether it is up, down, unknown, or some other state. All the vital programs can be grouped into one single group for handling the applications. The application servers and applications can be monitored from a single place so that abroad pictures can be given for the servers and network. The tool offers other features like the discovery of application, automatic updates, quick setup, and easy installation. The tool is available as a one-month free trial version so that the user can test the functionality of the tool and used it for monitoring of applications.

2. ManageEngine OPManager

The manager is another windows monitoring tool that provides functionality to monitor the complex network resources and provide a better monitoring solution to the users. The tools offer special features like it provides the functionality to build a 3D server rack that helps to present the graphical representation of physical hardware and helps to troubleshoot for problems rather than doing it manually. The visual assistance provided by the tool helps the IT team to debug the performance issue present in the servers. The tool is available as a free edition and an essential edition that can be selected by the user as per requirements.

3. PRTG network monitor

The PRTG network monitor tool is used to analyze the net flow. The tool collects the data related to network traffic and records all the network details for the analysis. Network environment details can be managed using the PRTG monitoring tool. The network bandwidth and traffic present on the network is monitored. CPU consumption by the application and memory usage is monitored by the PRTG tool. The tool supports log management for the application to debug the errors present in the application. Hardware management is also possible using the PRTG network monitor tool. The network monitoring, database health check, web servers, mail servers, and many more are all monitored by the PRTG tool. This tool is available as a free edition for 100 sensors and after that users need to pay to access advanced features.

4. OPSVIEW windows monitoring

This type of tool is another type of monitoring solution used for watching the network. The dashboard provided by the tool contains graphs and monitors that represent all necessary information so that network can be managed. The tool also supports resource monitoring like hard disk storage, CPU, and RAM. The other feature supported by the tool is application monitoring. The OPSVIEW provides one centralized platform for monitoring, visualization, and sending alerts so that network management becomes easy. The organizations that have SLA requirements use this tool as it sends the alerts for every issue. The tool supports an older version of operating system that makes the tool popular and used by the organizations. The tool offers auto-discovery feature and sent instantaneous notifications to the user. Popular Course in this categoryAll in One Software Development Bundle (600+ Courses, 50+ projects)600+ Online Courses | 3000+ Hours | Verifiable Certificates | Lifetime Access
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5. Nagios Window monitor

This is another type of windows monitoring tool that supports both desktop and server environment and supports monitoring of the system, monitoring of application, event logs, active applications, and users. The network capability is monitored by this tool. The errors and issues present in the system having Windows can be detected by the Nagios monitoring tool. The interface presented by the tool is interactive and easy to use which shows graphs that is used to represent the total network downtime and network uptime. The IT professionals use this tool as numerous applications and servers can be easily monitored that makes the tool popular.

6. OP5 Monitor

The OP5 monitor tool is used to monitor the system that has a Windows operating system and also monitor servers installed in the network. The tool manages all the critical information about the system so that in case of troubleshooting it can be solved. The tool sends the alerts and manages the system so that whenever there is a situation of network downtime the tool notifies the IT team. As it is necessary that the system and servers should be always up and running the tool helps to manage the system.

7. Cacti

The Cacti is an open-source tool for the monitoring of the network and represents the network state in the form of graphs for better visualization. The Cacti used the statistical data for making the graphs and analyze the system state. The tools support SNMP protocol devices and systems. PHP is the programming language supported by the tool. The tool provides the functionality to view the historic data so that in case of any problem in the present system it can be detected and resolved. The other features supported by the tool is making of graphs in real-time for the network that is used to represent the communication channel load.

8. Zabbix

Zabbix monitoring tool is used for the system and network monitoring and uses the web console to display the results of monitoring. The data is collected from the servers and after that performance monitoring is done. The tools offer the dashboard to display the results and the dashboard can be customized as per user requirements.


The windows monitoring tool is the effective tool used for monitoring of system and servers and also process the data accurately so that IT professionals can be used for their system. The user needs to analyze each monitoring software and then select the tool for monitoring of system and servers.

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