Introduction to Windows Administrator

Windows Administrator Interview Question

Introduction to Windows Administrator

Windows administrators basically install and set up Windows servers and systems. It provides back-end support, configure user access, maintain system stability. The administrator provides technical support to the users and other administrators and helps the IT team to solve technical issues. The administrator maintains system security by noticing the system’s faults in the server’s architecture. When we get expertise with commands with windows commands, we can solve any issue with the windows system. The administrator should have extensive knowledge of viruses and the person should know protection measures. System backup is needed as per company standards. We can back up the system as per server’s space likely weekly or monthly.

In this Windows Administrator Interview Question article, we shall present 12 most important and frequently asked windows administrator. These interview questions are divided into two parts are as follows:

Part 1 – Windows Administrator Interview Questions (Basic)

This first part covers basic Windows Administrator Interview Questions and Answers.

1. What is the server and how it works?

Answer: The server is a network operating system and it provides services to the client operating system.

2. What is the domain?

Answer: Active domain directory services is Microsoft directory server. It provides authentication and authorization within an area where other services can be deployed.

3. What is ADC?

Answer: ADC stands for an active directory domain controller. It is a server that holds an active directory database. All active directory gets replicated to the directory controller. Popular Course in this categoryWindows Forms Training (4 Courses, 3+ Projects)4 Online Courses | 3 Hands-on Projects | 24+ Hours | Verifiable Certificate of Completion | Lifetime Access
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4. What is schema and active directory?

Answer: It defines objects and information about those objects that can be stored in active directory. Active Directory schema is a collection of objects and their attributes. For understanding purpose, user is object and first name, last name, etc are attributes of objects.

5. What is active directory partition, types and how to configure?

Answer: It is about how and where active directory information is logically stored. We can configure application partition manually to use with active directory integrated applications.

  • Schema
  • Configuration
  • Domain
  • Application partition

6. How to take active directory backup and which domain controller to back up?

Answer: System state backup will back up the active directory by using NTbackup. The minimum requirement is to back up two domain controllers in each domain, one should be an operations master role holder domain controller. No need to backup RID (relative ID) master because the RID master should not be restored.

Part 2 – Windows Administrator Interview Questions (Advanced)

Let us now have a look at the advanced Windows Administrator Interview Questions and Answers.

7. Where active directory partition stored?

Answer: We can authentically restore only objects from configuration and domain partition. Authoritative restores schema -naming context is not supported.

8. Can we restore the backup of the domain controller to another domain controller?

Answer: It should be restored to the same domain controller. The backup of one domain controller can not be restored to another domain controller.

9. What are group policies?

Answer: Group policies specify how programs, network resources, and the operating systems work for users and workstations in an organization. It is the collection of users and workstation configuration settings that are applied to the users and workstations. To do better administration of group policies in the Windows environment, group policy objects are used.

10. What is group policy objects?

Answer: It is a collection of group policy settings and it can be created using windows utility known as group policy snap-in. Group policy objects affects the user and computer accounts located in domains and organizational units.

11. What is local group policy objects?

Answer: It is used to control a local server running on the windows server. For each server, the local group policy object is stored. Local group policy affects only the computer on which it is stored. Security settings nodes are configured by default. Rest settings are disabled.

12. Where local group policy objects are stored?

Answer: It is stored in the %systemroot%SYSTEM32GROUPPOLICY folder.


We have learned an overview of windows administrator’s roles and responsibilities. If you get knowledge about windows administration work and want to have a career with administration, then the above-mentioned questions are helpful for the interview. For the basic purpose, we should first understand what is system, server, backup, environment, operating system, etc.

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