Introduction to NAS Storage Device


Introduction to NAS Storage Device

In the recent era, the importance of data storage is truly understood by enterprises, organizations and other sectors. And if the storage area is not maintained properly it can lead to loss of clients and inefficiency in the business operations of organizations. NAS storage device comes up with a strong solution to all these related problems as NAS is very popular among small scale enterprises and organizations. These are low-cost storage devices and are easily scalable. These devices are directly connected to the network so that data can be easily stored and can be fetched from a certain location.

Why Do We Use NAS Storage Devices?

NAS storage device provides the facility to the user to store the data or to share the data and effectively access the data. NAS device is mostly used by those people who work on the same project but located in a different geographical area. They can be accessed at the same time within a different geographical location. It is mainly beneficial for the distributed work environment as all NAS devices are connected to the network. The organization and enterprise mostly use this storage device as their project is located in different locations. NAS devices are also used for handling large chunks of streaming of media files which require larger storage capacity and high latency network. NAS device is also used for personal use as the user can store media files and can also create a backup for their data. In organization also NAs are used as backup process is automated in NAS device which can be beneficial in case of any disaster. Whenever there is any disaster the data can be easily backup for the organization as the data is a very important and integral part of the organization. Mostly NAS device is used whenever there is a requirement for extra storage and need of backup.

NAS devices can aggregate to one single NAS device and form one cluster so that it can boost the performance of the NAS device and increase the storage capacity which can be the requirement for the large enterprise as they need a huge chunk of storage capacity for their projects.

How NAS Storage Works?

NAS (Network Attached Storage) device provides the facility to store the data on Local Area Network nodes and maintain file type storage using the Ethernet connection. It is easy to set up and the installation process is very fast. NAS provides the functionality to the user to maintain the data on the internet and can fetch and store the data on the internet without any disturbance. NAS devices can exist single or can be grouped in multiple NAS devices. NAS devices can be located anywhere in the server but exist in a local area network. As NAS is assigned within the LAN the IP address is assigned to that NAS device. The NS storage device will integrate the data present on the web so that data can make centralized so that overload can be reduced on application servers. As the overload is to reduce NAS device helps to reduce the setup cost and will benefit the user. Network Attached Storage devices also use the NFS, AFP, and SMB which are file-based protocols. They can operate on multiple operating systems which make it robust, and for using the device the web browsers can be used to access NAS storage device. It also automatically creates a backup for the user data. When a user changes something in a local computer it automatically changes in the Network Attached Storage device. And the data stored in NAS device is fast accessible by the user. By all this, NAS storage device lowers the cost and energy consumption thus increase the importance of the using it.

Benefits of NAS Storage Devices

NAS storage devices provided the facility to store the data in the network and can be fetched when there is a need for data. There are several benefits listed on NAS storage device. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The main benefit of NAS storage device is that it increases the storage capacity on a local computer of the user. The laptops and computers have a limited size of storage so NAS can be used to widespread storage capacity. By using the NAS storage device one can reduce the cost and easily expand the storing capacity. There is no need for upgrading the system when there is a need to increase the storage capacity user can easily use another hard drive of NAS and can get extra space.
  • In NAS storage devices, many users can access the same document when there is a need of doing something in a group. The users can edit those documents and can add according to as per the requirements.
  • NAS devices provide the functionality of owning a personal cloud. It provides some software options by which a user can access the storage device from any location very easily. It can help to get all documents from the storage and the user can add or edit those documents.
  • In NAS device, there is a functionality of setting automatic backups so that backup can be created in NAS device. When a user alters the documents on a local computer the changes are immediately reflected in NAS device. This way data is easily backup in NAS device without doing manually.
  • The other important benefit of NAS devices is that it can easily be set up and are not at all complicated to run. NAS device uses a simple web interface so that the user can easily set up in their computer and access the settings.


NAS storage devices are very effective for storing the data and accessing the data. NAS devices can help organizations to increase their storing capacity and can access the same document from different geographical locations. NAS device supports different operating environments and support cluster making of NAS devices. Popular Course in this categoryAll in One Software Development Bundle (600+ Courses, 50+ projects)600+ Online Courses | 3000+ Hours | Verifiable Certificates | Lifetime Access
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