NCERT Class 4 EVS Chapter 26- Defence Officer: Wahida

NCERT class 4 EVS chapter 26 teaches children about the defence services. The purpose of the defence service is to guard the nation. This chapter teaches kids about different occupations in the defence services, the different kind of uniforms worn by the different branches of the defence services, etc. The solutions pdf can be downloaded easily from the links given below.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 26 Defence Officer: Wahida:-Download PDF Here

NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 26
NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 26 1

Access NCERT Class 4 EVS Chapter 26 Defence Officer: Wahida


Question 1:

Do you know anyone who is in defence services? Is the person in the Navy, Army or Air Force?


Yes, my cousin brother is in defence services. He is in Indian Air Force.

Question 2:

What work do they do in the force?


He is a doctor in the Air Force.

Question 3:

Would you like to join the defence services?


Yes, I would like to join the defence services.

Question 4:

Which of the three would you like to join – the Army, the Navy or the Air Force?


I too would like to join the Air Force.

Question 5:

In which other jobs do people wear uniforms as in defence services?


The people in police services and paramilitary forces wear uniforms as in defence services.

Question 6:

Wahida works as a doctor in the Indian Navy. Can you name five other occupations in the Navy?


Yes, here are five other occupations in the Navy:

1. Cook

2. Cleaner

3. Diver

4. Pilot

5. Nurse

Question 7:

Have you ever seen a parade?

(i) Hold a parade in your own school and try giving thirty-six-commands – for example, “Parade, Eyes Right”, “Don’t move”, “Close in”, “Open file”.

(ii) Can you add some more commands to this list?


Yes, I have seen parades in my school.

(i) Do it yourself.

(ii) Some more commands can be: “Parade, Attention!”; “Left-right-left”, etc.

Question 8:

Talk to a doctor and find out about her/his work.


Do it yourself.

(A doctor is someone who tests the patients and tries to diagnose the disease. He/ she prescribes medicines to the patients and tells them other measures which should be taken in order to recover from the disease.)

Question 9:

Do you know any woman who has done something unusual? Talk to her in the same way as we talked to Lt. Cdr. Wahida Prism. Think of the questions that you will ask. Find out why she has chosen that work. What were the difficulties she faced in her life?


Here, the student is supposed to talk to one of the women who have done something great and unusual. The student must put forth questions about how she achieved such great heights in her life, how she managed to overcome the issues she faced while studying, why she chose the career she is in, etc. The questions can be similar to what the chapter contains with respect to Ms Wahida.

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