Introduction to Windows 10 creation tool

Windows 10 creation tool

Introduction to Windows 10 creation tool

Windows 10 media creation tool is one of the most famous extended utility developed by Microsoft. Windows 10 creation tool as a utility can download any of the software for upgrading the existing windows 10 software with the required software and upgraded versions. This utility does not provide many obstructions to the end-user rather simplifies the naïve user’s usage and management of hassle-free software. It creates a window 10 installation which comprises of DVD or USB for performing clean installation which in turn helps in repairing a faulty system.

Working of Windows 10 Creation Tool

  • Windows Creation Tools acts as a utility tool that is mostly used for upgrading the software with the proper version as per requirement.
  • Once the Windows creation tool is installed on the system it helps in making the overall system user-friendly by providing most of the features and enhancements as per the requirement.
  • Windows 10 creation tool is the most demanded tool developed by Microsoft.
  • It is also considered an upgrade tool because it helps in upgrade the software with the latest tools and requirements.
  • Sometimes like other software upgrades it might create some trouble at the time of installation, it might give an update error like 0x800707e, which is causing trouble and is leading to failure at the time of upgrade.
  • Then in the situation mentioned above the Windows 10 creation tool comes as a savior and is highly recommended with the fact that this utility tool can easily help in the installation and simultaneous upgrades of the entire system.
  • Pre-Requisites involve the upgrade of the current system to Windows 10 and all the requirements for Windows 10 system requirements pre-installed.
  • Navigate to the Microsoft Official tool and download the Windows 10 Media creation tool from the authenticated website.
  • The user must have the privilege of an administrator to run the tool seamlessly.
  • Once the user acquires the administrator privilege then the user will land on the page with the license agreement.
  • Read the document and select for Accept button for it’s working.
  • Need to wait for few seconds once the user hits the accept button for making the tool ready for further usage. Once the finished user can continue.
  • Next will appear what do you want to do page there the user has to select Upgrade this PC now Option and then hit on Next.
  • Meanwhile, the processing goes on it will take some time and the user must wait that will download files for updates to check in the PC.
  • Again, read the license agreement properly before hitting the Accept button. Once done can accept and wait for updates.
  • Windows 10 media creation tool will check for the software present within the system and should be sure that it is ready for installation.
  • The pop-up screen will come which will have the recap of what is needed and what needs to be selected for hit on Install once it is known what needs to be installed.
  • When the screen for choosing what to keep appears then in that case choose for the option whether the user wants to keep personal files and apps, keep nothing, or keep personal files anyone out of the three at the time of upgrade.
  • Once the selection is done hit on click Next for continuing the scenario.
  • If some of the applications are already running in the background and once the user is ready for installation can hit the select icon.
  • At the time of installation, there might be times where the PC will restart for few times therefore it is not at all recommended to turn off the PC.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are certain advantages and disadvantages associated with every utility tool so do Windows 10 creation tool :


  • It helps in simplifying the search for other tools in a single platform.
  • It helps in managing all the tools without creating much chaos.
  • It helps in the creation of another installation media for another PC or can download the ISO file.
  • Once Windows 10 creation tool is selected for upgradation then all the Windows 10 editions will be available instantly except the enterprise edition.
  • Once finished the user can use that bootable file USB or DVD to install the Windows 10.


  • There are some disadvantages also associated with it most of which is related to time consumption.
  • It consumes a little more time at the time of making the Windows creation tool installed and ready for its working.
  • Quite often it asks for users to read again the recap versions of all the scenarios which is obviously not want for the end-user.
  • There might be a chance that the user requirement was to work on the windows 10 enterprise edition but due to pre-installation, the utility tool will not support the enterprise edition installation.

Usage of Windows Creation tool

  • The main usage of windows 10 creation tool is that it helps in creating an installation media for other PC or ISO file which can be downloaded.
  • Since it is platform-independent helps with the proper Operating system selection and ISO file to burn on a different computer.
  • With Windows 10 creation tool the software can upgrade to any latest version.
  • It can also create a new Windows 10 installation DVD drive that can be used for repairing the Windows PC.
  • These utility tools help in the number of ways by managing other tools and software issues to be fixed using a single platform that is the beauty of the Windows 10 creation tool for proper functioning.
  • It gives users a lot of versatile and flexible options to deal with Windows 10 creation tools to play around with according to requirements.


Windows 10 creation tool is a very important tool and is quite interesting innovation by the Microsoft team as it has given both the users and developers with the option to take care of all the upgrades and installation facilities related to Windows 10. Once installed is compatible with many other Operating Systems related to Windows 10 Creation tool.

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