Introduction to Symbols in HTML

Symbols in HTML

Introduction to Symbols in HTML

Symbols to be used in HTML are one of the most important parts of web development or in the application development process. There are various types of symbols to be used in HTML like mathematical, physics, technical and currency symbols. An HTML entity name is used to use a set of these kinds of symbols in web page development.

If there is no entity name is available, then symbols in HTML can be used with entity number which is in the form of decimal or hexadecimal. It includes mathematical operators, arrows, shapes, some technical symbols which are not available on the keyboard.

List of Symbols in HTML

There are multiple symbols used in HTML with the help of entity name or with entity number; let’s see one by one:

CharacterNumberEntityDescription/ ExplanationExample
&#8704&forall;It’s used for all.<p> Symbol displaying all contents using &#8704  </p>
&#8706&part;It’s used to show partial differential.<p> Symbol displaying all partial differential &#8706  </p>
&#8707  &exist;Its used to display there exist.<p> Symbol displaying all existing contents using  &#8707  </p>
&#8709&empty;this symbol is used to display  empty sets.<p> Symbol displaying empty set &#8709</p>
&#8712&isin;It is used to show the presence of elements of<p> Symbol displaying elements of &#8712</p>
&#8713&notin;It shows that its not an element of<p> Symbol displaying  not an element &#8713</p>
&#8715   &ni;This symbol is used to show it contains a member.<p> Symbol shows CONTAINS AS MEMBER &#8715</p>
&#8719&prod;This symbol is used to display the N-ARY products.<p> Symbol displaying  N-ARY PRODUCT &#8719</p>
&#8721&sum;This symbol is used to show N-ARY SUMMATION<p> Symbol displaying  N-ARY SUMMATION &#8721</p>
&#8711&nabla;It is used to display NABLA<p>Symbol displaying NABLA &#8711</p>
© &#169&copy;This symbol is used to display copywrites on a particular document. <p>Copywrite sign displayed using &#169</p> 
®&#174  &reg;These symbols help you to display a registered sign. <p>Registered sign is displayed using symbol &#174</p> 
&#8364&euro;Euro sign is displayed using this symbol. <p>EURO sign displayed using  &#8364</p>
&#8382&trade;Trademark symbol is displaying using this code.<p>Trademark symbol using &#8382</p>
&#8592&larr;This symbol is used to display the Leftwards arrow.<p>LEFTWARDS ARROW using &#8592 </p>
&#8594  & rarr;This symbol is used to display the Rightwards arrow.<p>RIGHTWARDS ARROW using &#8594  </p>
&#8593&uarr;This symbol is used to display upwards arrow.<p>UPWARDS ARROW using &#8593 </p>
&#8595&darr;This symbol is used to display upwards arrow.<p>DOWNWARDS ARROW using &#8595 </p>
♠ &#9824&spades;This symbol shows a Black Spade Suit.<p>Symbol for BLACK SPADE SUIT &#9824  </p>
&#9827&clubs;This symbol shows a Black club Suit.<p>Symbol for BLACK CLUB SUIT &#9827 </p>
♥ &#9829&hearts;This symbol shows a Blackheart Suit.<p>Symbol for BLACK HEART SUIT &#9829 </p>
&#9830&diams;This symbol shows Black Diamond Suit.<p>Symbol for BLACK DIAMOND SUIT &#9830 </p>
°&#176&deg;This symbol represents a degree sign.<p>Symbol showing degree sign &#176 </p>
±   &#177&plusmn;It indicates plus minus sign together.<p>Symbol showing sign &#177 </p>
µ&#181&micro;This symbol is used to display micro.<p>symbol micro is displayed &#181</p>
& #182  &para;A paragraph is shown using this symbol.<p>Paragraph displayed using & #182</p>
¿   &#191&iquest; Inverted question mark showing this symbol.<p>INVERTED Question mark &#191</p>
×&#215&times;Multiplication sign using this symbol.<p>Mathematical Multiplication sign &#215  </p>
÷&#247&divide;Mathematical  division symbol using this value.<p>Division operation done with symbol &#247 </p>
¼&#188&frac14;¼  part can be displayed using this symbol.<p>One fourth part can be displayed using symbol &#188  </p>
½&#189&frac12;½  part can be displayed using this symbol.<p>Half part can be displayed using symbol &#189 </p>
¾&#190&frac34;¾ th part can be displayed using this symbol.<p>Three Fourth part can be displayed using symbol &#190 </p>


Below are some examples of HTML symbols:

Example #1

HTML symbols for Mathematical operation.

HTML code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h3>Mathematical Operations Symbols</h3>
<p>Plus Minus Sign  <b>&#177</b></p>
<p> Multiplication sign <b>&#215 </b>  </p>
<p>Division sign &#247 </p>
<p>One fourth part showing sign <b>&#188</b> </p>
<p>Half part showing sign<b> &#189</b> </p>
<p>Three Fourth part showing sign <b>&#190</b> </p>
<p>There Exist Sign <b> &#8707</b> </p>
<p>Empty Set Sign<b> &#8709</b> </p>
<p>CONTAINS AS MEMBER sign <b>&#8715</b> </p>
<p>N-ARY PRODUCT sign <b>&#8719</b></p>
<p>N-ARY SUMMATION <b>&#8721</b> </p>
<p> Not a element sign <b>&#8713</b> </p></body>
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symbols in html

Example #2

This Example will show some special HTML symbols:

HTML code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h3>Some special HTML symbols</h3>
<p><b> &#169 </b>all rights are reserved </p>
<p>It's <b> &#174to  EDUBCA </b></p>
<p> It's European  currency showing through <b>&#8364</b> </p>
<h4>EDUBCA &#8482</h4>
<p>Micro Symbol <b>&#181</b></p>
<p>NABLA symbol <b>&#8711</b> </p>
<p>Paragraph displayed using &#182</p>


special symbols

Example #3

Example showing Arrows and other symbols:

HTML code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h3>Some Arrows and other HTML symbols</h3>
<p>LEFTWARDS ARROW  <b>&#8592</b> </p>
<p>RIGHTWARDS ARROW<b> &#8594</b> </p>
<p>UPWARDS ARROW <b> &#8593</b> </p>
<p>DOWNWARDS ARROW <b>&#8595</b> </p>
<p> BLACK SPADE SUIT &#9824</p>
<p>BLACK CLUB SUIT &#9827</p>
<p>BLACK HEART SUIT &#9829</p>
<p>BLACK DIAMOND SUIT &#9830</p>




Those can be typed with the help of the entity name or entity value. There are multiple symbols like mathematical operators, arrows, technical symbols and shape, Greek, some other special symbols which are executed above with an example.

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