Introduction to Computers Output Devices

Introduction to Computers Output Devices

Computers Output Devices are a part of the output unit, which is one of the three main components to form a functional computing device. These devices are intended to deliver the processed data from the other computer components to the computer users. The output devices are designed in such a way that it should be able to transfer the output in any user desired format. It is typically a hardware device used for communicating the output data, gathered as a result of the computations performed inside the central processing unit, to any other peer devices from the same network or the user.

Types of Computers Output Devices

Generally, the output devices are aimed to be used as a secondary device that can be operated by the users to retrieve the processed information. The output data can be of any format, and the choice of output device depends on this output data formats. There are several types of output devices available, and the below are few of them,

1. Monitor

Monitors are the habitually essential parts of the computer systems, which is capable of showing any kind of data formats on their display elements. These devices are available for retail purposes in a range of forms, sizes, and screen qualities.  Monitors can be categorized as both Input and Output devices, as it can collect input from the users and display the results as well.  It comprises of various parts that include the display screen, internal circuits, provisions for power connection, operational buttons for display adjustment, and an outer shell to cover these hardware parts.

2. Printer

Printers are the output devices used for converting the visual outcomes from the monitors into printed hard copies on different material surfaces. The computer transmits the image data to the printer, which then physically recreates the image, typically on paper. As Printers can only print the already processed data, these devices can only be treated as output devices. It is classified into multiple types, depending on the speed, printing patterns, type of ink used, etc.

3. Audio Devices/Speakers/Headphones

The outgoing audio data requires the sound amplifying devices, and a few such audio output devices are Speakers & Headphones. These output devices are connected to the main computing devices in order to get the output audio data from the processing unit. An important hardware unit is required or enabling a smooth function between the computer system and the audio devices are the Sound card.

4. Projector

Projectors are another type of display devices, which are used for displaying the outcomes from the computer system on to a different exterior surface, by reproducing the same computer’s contents for projection. It is a common understanding that the output data can be displayed clean and clear if the display surface is a plain hard surface white in color. This process is made possible using an extra hardware card, known as the Video Card. A very common usage of Projector devices are Movie Theater and Business Presentation. Popular Course in this categoryAll in One Software Development Bundle (600+ Courses, 50+ projects)600+ Online Courses | 3000+ Hours | Verifiable Certificates | Lifetime Access
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5. Plotter

Plotters are the output devices used for making graphic prints, similar to a normal printer, widely used for vector graphics. It helps in creating real-life illustrations for the designs processed by the computer system. For the Plotter to carry out the plotting process, in a precise and accurate manner, it requires an enhancement called the Graphic Card. This device consists of a pen-like hardware component, which is used for printing the design identical to the processed output data. It uses any type of writing an object to replicate the design on to the printing material.

6. Television

Televisions are the most famous and commonly used output devices, which are used to display the video content and for playing the audio files. It is a well-liked way of exhibiting the videos, images, presentations, etc. for domestic as well as the technology-related industries. It is generally called as TV or Telly that has had evolved over the years from CRT screens to LCD displays to LED screens to the latest Plasma displays.

7. Braille Reader

Braille Readers, as the name says, are used to facilitating the computer functional handling for blind users. The workings of this device involve the central processing system to deliver the processed data in the Braille format, so as to make it recognizable for the visionless disables. When the Braille Reader receives the processed data, the data is converted to push the pins against a flat surface. When the visually disabled use this device, they can run their fingers through these Braille script and understand the outcome easily. Similar to other output devices, this device comes in a variety of sizes as well.

8. GPS

GPS can be expanded as the Global Positioning System device. This device uses the satellite resources for capturing the geographical position of the device. Hence, if the user holds this device in his hands the geographical location of the user can be captured accurately. It involves the calculation of exact latitude and longitude points for the location required and share the outcomes to the user. In the evolving technological world, all the portable devices are equipped with GPS systems, as it helps in locating the device when lost or stolen. The devices that come with inbuilt GPS units are mobile phones, wearable digital tracking devices, laptops, tablets, cars, bicycles, watches, and even shoes.

9. Video Card

Video Card is a hardware device that can be placed in the dedicated sockets provides inside the motherboard of the computer’s processing unit. It is typically used for improvising the appearance of the digital content displayed in the other display based output devices. In recent days, this has become an indispensable element to keep up with the growing quality of content in the latest systems.


The Computer Output Devices are the critical units in the whole computer architecture, as it’s the only way to get the results to the user after the required computations and operations are complete. Also, these output devices allow the users to verify the data to see if they have received what they wanted from the computer system in the first place.

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