Introduction to Career in HTML


Introduction to Career in HTML

HTML full form is Hypertext Mark-Up language. It used for creating web pages, web applications, and sites. It mainly collaborates with CSS (Cascading style sheet), Javascript and another scripting language to provide the User interface for the website or the web application. It was initially released in the year 1993. W3C and WHATWG developed it. In HTML, the elements are represented with tags and HTML elements are also referred to as the building blocks of HTML pages. HTML language can be interpreted by every browser and the elements like image, text or other audible and visual web pages. With the help of CSS, the developer can change the feel and look of the website, or you can say customize the web application accordingly.

Education Required for Career in HTML

HTML developers or programmers should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science. There are other certifications on graphic design or web design that can be added on and knowledge on the same. There are many online portals, videos, and community forms available for HTML developer and programmer to help upskill them in HTML. With the help of HTML, an individual can create their own web pages and web sites for the different vendors and their own.

HTML developers or programmers mainly work with a team to create the website. They should have the capability to translate the change into the code and design the UI as requested. In learning HTML, you will get a chance to learn other scripting languages that can embed the code like Javascript. Learning of HTML is easy, and able to check the output as soon as the change is done on a web page.

Career Path in HTML

The career path for an HTML developer or a programmer is very defined. After learning HTML and having the degree, one can start his/her career at an entry-level position and, after getting experience in the same field for 3-5 years, can be at mid-level and then to senior-level positions. HTML and CSS is the critical skill for any front-end developer whether that developer is working on the web application or web pages only.

HTML developer can find employment in software development also to make the design and look of the software product more user-friendly. There are many employers who are actively looking for HTML developers. These developers are mostly working on the applications that can be operated in a mobile browser like safari, chrome etc. The same applications can be used in the desktop browser as well. HTML gives that freedom and flexibility to use the application across different platforms.

Job Positions or Application Areas For Career In HTML

There are different job positions or application areas for Career in HTML developers: a Web developer, Junior web developer, senior web developer, Graphic designers, Computer programmer, Web designer, web architect, and webmaster. There are other roles which do require HTML skill like JavaScript developer, Asp.Net developer, MVC developer. These are also having one of the main skill of HTML. HTML language has different versions, which is being used widely in developing applications. The other professions for this skill are like a social manager, website producer, website manager, content manager, Quality assurance engineer etc. HTML knowledge will help in understanding the different aspects of the application and which is mainly required for every developer in the software industry. Popular Course in this categoryHTML Training (12 Courses, 19+ Projects, 4 Quizzes)12 Online Courses | 19 Hands-on Projects | 89+ Hours | Verifiable Certificate of Completion | Lifetime Access | | 4 Quizzes with Solutions
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The HTML developer can earn from 50k USD to 120k USD. The average salary of the HTML developer or programmer is about 75k – 80k USD mostly. The salary of the developers is varying according to the organization. Mostly the organizations work on a project by project basis, and freelancing help the individual to showcase the skill and grab the highest salary as per their work.

The junior developers are being paid around 50k USD, and the senior developer or web developers are mainly paid in the range of 70k USD to 90 k USD.  The Principal engineers or Lead developers are approximately paid 115k USD to 120k USD. The demand for HTML developers has been increased a lot from the last few years, and it would be up with other technology for the next years as well that will help the developers to get good salary and wage as per their demands across the globe.

Career Outlook in HTML

There are good opportunities available for HTML developers or programmers. The HTML developers having an interest in visual design and functional design, can opt for web development. The web developer is the general term for other careers like webmaster, web designer etc. The qualities of web developer are having concentration as they have to write code for a longer period. The other is Creativity; they make sure that the functional and UI part should be appealing to the user.

The career in HTML developers is fast growing these days, and in future as well, it will have good job opportunities. As we know, websites can be built anywhere in the world, so might be the opportunities go to the country which is having lower wages, but this is the second part. The HTML developers have the skill to develop the website effectively, and they can get the job through freelancing and from other areas as well.


HTML developers career is expected to grow and its growth over the years. E-commerce is growing at a faster rate because of which online purchasing is expected to grow faster over the retail industry. Whenever online offerings increased, it will increase the demand for online applications, whether its desktop web applications or mobile web application, which increased the demand for HTML developers or web developers.

As HTML is mainly used with other scripting languages, the scope of HTML always remains in the top organization, and it will be used in any of the web development like web pages and web applications even it is helpful for creating own applications or web pages. HTML can be used with multiple languages, and employers offer a good salary to a web developer or HTML developers. HTML gives you freedom in customizing the features with less effort. In the end, the career in HTML is fast-growing and learn it for creating your own websites as well.

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